How Girls Are Feeling about Social Media and Quarantine

We asked our Youth Advisory Board: How has social media made you feel during quarantine and COVID-19. Here are their responses:

First, here are the main takeaways:
  • Girls are experiencing both positive and negative feelings at this point in time
  • They like that social media is allowing them to stay connected to their friends and family during isolation
  • They’re also feeling like they’re getting lost in content that leaves them feeling isolated and mentally drained 

“Social media has definitely impacted my mental health a ton! It’s made me more fatigued. I see people posting themselves not social distancing or not wearing masks, which is so frustrating. It’s hard to have so much free time because I automatically turn on Snapchat or scroll through Instagram.” -Ria

“Both! It has helped me advocate for certain world issues which is good but some people post certain things that will make me kind of angry which does not help my mood.” -Zoe

“It’s good because i’ve connected with more people/things that I like there. Obviously with everything good there’s a negative so of course I see that too, but it’s the fault of this person who posts that stuff not me. I’ve also found new people to follow online, who I like and who distract me from negative things. I’ve started playing minecraft with both of my brothers, also good since one is now down in maryland. On another side of the spectrum, I’ve become far more educated from political social media, which is good – not that I wasn’t before, but more now.” – Charlotte

“Social media has made me feel more connected and more informed about what has been going on in the world. It also has been nice to be able to see what people who I’d normally interact with, but wouldn’t call my friends are doing. On the alternative it has made me angry to see people not following rules and social distancing and the like.” -Ella

“I haven’t been on social media much during quarantine because having more time on my hands has helped me to realize what is important in life, and worrying about other people and what they’re doing doesn’t interest me much anymore. A couple times I have felt FOMO but quickly remembered that it’s best that I don’t go out much with my friends in order to keep everyone safe from the virus, and hanging out with a lot of other people is just irresponsible.” -Priscilla

“Social media has had its pros and cons during quarantine and COVID-19. Some social media platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest I’ve actually found pretty zen and peaceful. Then other social media platforms like Twitter and Youtube I’ve found to be majorly draining and mentally taxing depending on who I choose to follow. But as we’re this far into Covid-19, I’ve taken the ample amount of time I have to explore my interest and follow pages and people who also support my interest like the informative side of TikTok, spiritual Twitter, astrology Tumblr, etc.” –Amaiya

“So, I created a personal Instagram account in January, slightly before the quarantine. This was kind of the first “social media” I had that I routinely used, and having this overlap with quarantine definitely made a difference. On the one hand, it was easy to get overwhelmed. I would see news articles and hear about things I wouldn’t have otherwise, and that would stress me out. Some days I really wished I could delete it and become unaware again. However, there’s reasons why I didn’t. Firstly, I got to see good news as well! Especially a lot of creative things that inspired me, or I’d hear about events happening that I wanted to join. Next, it was really nice to see what friends were up to, and even connect with old friends or people I didn’t talk to in person as much. In my time where I was stuck at home, it made me feel like I could see more of the world and was actually less alone, so that definitely made it worth it.” -Marlie

“It makes me feel happy and sad because I see things that make me laugh. But then I see friends getting together and ignoring the guidelines and it makes me sad and disappointed.” -Addison

Definitely worse because I just see that everyone is focusing on the negatives of society right now.” -Hailey

“Social media has made me feel both feelings during COVID-19 because recently social media has been mostly negative and in society all of the famous people are perfect in everyone’s eyes and get praised for being so, so I can understand why social media can be harmful when some people are on it all day. But on the other hand social media can be good because you can connect with people and talk to friends and people you may not have seen in a long time, so that is great.” -Mila

“Sometimes, social media makes me feel better because I get to see my friends and how they are doing. I can reach out to them, and feel less lonely. Then, sometimes I see kids my age throwing non-social distancing parties, and I lose my mind. I get furious. So, I guess social media has made me feel better and worse.” -Eden

“I actually did not have social media before Covid. I’m really grateful that it’s helped me to stay in touch with friends and family and create new connections as well. However, it was sometimes difficult to look at over the summer, as I saw many of my friends hanging out together while my family and I were still staying safe. It could make me feel pretty left out some days. So, it has left me feeling both better and worse!” -Clara

“Better – because I can talk and interact with people. I can’t imagine during these times where you can’t physically be with people all the time, not having social media to help stay connected.” -Nina

“Social media has helped me be more aware of current important social justice issues going on in the world, but has also been a huge time suck, especially because I have so much free time.” –Aanya

“It has definitely made me feel both better and worse! It is a great way to communicate with friends when I cannot see them as often, but it also is sometimes too much during the day (looking at my phone/screen too much)!” -Carolyn

“It’s a mix of all three. In some respects, social media has helped, as it has connected me with my friends. On the other hand, I’ve gotten really caught up scrolling through Instagram and when I looked up, it’s hours laters. Overall, social media was both a help and a burden, as it completely messed with my time management.” – Hayden

“I feel that social media has made me feel way better during covid times. I hadn’t really been on social media that much before covid hit but once it did I started becoming more involved and thoughtful about what I consume on social media. One of the things that have really helped me has been Tiktok. I had it for a little bit before quarantine but became more into it as we were in lockdown. I’ve spent a lot of time on Tiktok consuming things that have made me who I am right now and I feel Tiktok has made me more confident, happy, and grateful. I have found who inspires me through Tiktok and Instagram. I also feel that before quarantine I sometimes spent too much time on social media consuming things that weren’t helpful to my well-being but because of quarantine I have found who I should follow because they are helping me be my true self and express who I am.” –Adyra

Parents have shared with us that taking our Virtual Workshops with their girls has sparked great conversations around social media usage!

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