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Summer 2021: MEDIAGIRLS Girl-Power Playlist Vol. 6

It’s a yearly tradition that we create a send-off into summer with a killer playlist that features songs from our Youth Advisory Board–made of smart, strong and activist–teen girls. We ask them to choose from rockstar empowering female artists that make us feel good and lift us up! Each member chose two  songs they’ve enjoyed listening to over the past year – songs that they feel have a good tune, powerful, empowering lyrics, and are sung (for the most part) by a powerhouse female artist! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and share with the girls and young women in your life!

Zoe Brita

SONG CHOICE 1:Girls by Girl in Red

REASON: This song belongs on the Summer 2021 Girl-Power Playlist because it lifts up and allows female and non-binary lesbians to feel valid for liking women and doing it unconditionally and without guilt.

SONG CHOICE 2: Good as Hell by Lizzo

REASON: This should be on the playlist because it is an empowering and upbeat song that never misses.

Priscilla Park

SONG CHOICE 1: Don’t Call Me Angel by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey

REASON: This belongs in the playlist because the song talks about how girls have more to offer than just their looks, hence the title, Don’t Call Me Angel. It is really upbeat too, which is perfect for a summer playlist.

SONG CHOICE 2:The Man by Taylor Swift

REASON: This song belongs in the playlist because it is all about how it is so much easier and more advantageous to be a man in today’s society. Taylor sings about her personal experience for being criticized about dating a lot of people, being confident, and what she wears. The song has a really important message about the hardships women, especially successful women, face, and definitely has some relatable lines that are fun to sing along to.

Ella Smith

SONG CHOICE 1:Dumb Blonde by Dolly Parton

REASON: It is an amazing and empowering song that takes the time to remind people that physical appearance does not correlate to intelligence

SONG CHOICE 2:Bad Reputation by Joan Jett

REASON: It’s an awesome song that just gets you so pumped up! 

Hayden Brown

SONG CHOICE 1:Free by the Martini’s

REASON: It’s super catchy!

SONG CHOICE 2:Summertime Blues by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts 

REASON: Super good song to sing along to and a great throwback.

Amaiya Altamirano

SONG CHOICE 1:Whole Lotta Choppas Remix by Nicki Minaj ft Sada Baby

REASON: It belongs on the Summer 2021 Girl-Power Playlist because Nicki Minaj is an absolute It-girl, an icon, a ninja, and a Barbie doll all in one. We need her music to properly function this summer.

SONG CHOICE 2: Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce

REASON: Because this song gives me life and validation as a young woman, especially a young black woman. The world would be vastly different if women weren’t here and we need to accept them and sing this song this summer!

Charlotte Harrington

SONG CHOICE 1: Wannabe by ITZY

REASON: This song is by a korean girl group called ITZY, and it’s about being confident in your differences, because “i wannabe me, me, me!”


REASON: This song is by another korean girl group named LOONA, and it’s also about self confidence and realizing, so what? 

Rhea Anand

SONG CHOICE 1: Good thing by Kehlani

REASON: Because Kehlani is an awesome female role model in the music world, and because this song promotes independence and being happy on your own!

SONG CHOICE 2: Savage by Megan Thee Stallion 

REASON: Although it’s slightly explicit, I love the message this song sends about setting your own terms for nobody but yourself (in such a boss way!!!)

Angela Ruan

SONG CHOICE 1: Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert

REASON: Although the main singers are male, I chose this song because I believe it is fitting to the Pride month and the overarching theme of embracing who you are. 

SONG CHOICE 2: Good Days by SZA

REASON: I also chose this song because it hones in positive vibes to uplift girl power.  

Eden Stein

SONG CHOICE 1: GIRL by Marren Morris 

REASON: This song reminds girls to always keep their heads up and never give up. I really like the line “Don’t lose your halo” saying that all girls are great the way they are. It reminds girls that their emotions are valid, and they deserve the best.

SONG CHOICE 2: Strawberry Shortcake by Melanie Martinez

REASON: Melanie Martinez writes about girls’ bodies and the pressure that comes with female figures. The lyrics focus on the pressure on girls to have a “perfect” skinny body. She also writes about the shame society puts on girls’ bodies and sings, “Instead of making me feel bad for the body I got/just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop.” Bodies of all sizes are perfect, and Melanie Martinez thinks no girl should have to change her body for someone else.

Clara Tripp

SONG CHOICE 1: I Owe You Nothing by Seinabo Sey

REASON: This powerful song encourages resisting patriarchal standards and being oneself unapologetically.

SONG CHOICE 2:  Rebel Kill by Bikini Kill

REASON: This feminist rock anthem is all about upholding other women and bonding together to rebel against the patriarchy.


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