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Applications Open for our Youth Advisory Board!

Are you a preteen or teen who loves being on social media and is itching for feel-good and even inspiring ways to use it?

Great, we have the perfect opportunity for you, and a good way to make the world better right now. We need you, the world needs you!

What is the MEDIAGIRLS Youth Advisory Board?

The MEDIAGIRLS Youth Advisory Board application process for 2020-21 is now open, and we’re looking for smart girls who have opinions and aren’t afraid to share them. It’s a one-year commitment with monthly missions. Our YAB (Youth Advisory Board) is made up of pre-teen and teen girls who are passionate about inspiring girls and improving the messages sent by media. Each month, we provide a specific mission that gives you practice in speaking up using social media.

How do these missions work, you ask?
  • You will receive monthly missions (one a month from June – May)
  • You will receive your mission on the 5th of the month and it will be due back on the 13th of the month
  • All of our missions involve speaking up for girls/women using social media (yours and/or ours) to spread your opinions.
  • You will be expected to complete at least 8 out of the 9 missions – all over email. (Complete all nine and we’ll send you a $25 gift card from Amazon!)
Want to find out more and apply?

Head right over here! You’ll meet our current board, see examples of our missions, and learn more.