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6 Best Apps to Boost Girls’ Well-Being

Almost everywhere we look in the media we hear about the “evils” of technology, spiking anxiety and stress in girls and young women. We’re not going to lie, there’s a lot of truth to that, and it’s a big part of our focus at MEDIAGIRLS. But more and more we’re also seeing new apps and technology that can boost girls’ well-being and confidence. We asked our Youth Advisory Board, comprised of teen girls, and a few of our college volunteers, for their favorite apps and here’s what they reported.



Suggestion by Amari V.

It’s extremely helpful not only in tracking your period and logging your symptoms, but it also has helpful articles about how to relieve stress, I love that it has a bunch of helpful tips about alleviating symptoms from professionals. I think it’s an amazing app, and unlike most apps, most of the features are available without premium.


Headspace (meditation app)


Suggestion by: Olivia K.

I like this app because it does not require too much from me. It is a simple process with easy-to-follow instructions. I have not been using it for that long, but when I do use it, I am quickly more relaxed and have a clearer perspective on my stressors. You can meditate for a short or longer amount of time–it all depends on what suits you. I have found it to be practical and realistically something that I can use every day.


The #SelfCare app


Suggestion by: Claire G.

I like this app because it has so many options! When the world feels a little too much, we should all remember to close our eyes and breathe. Not everyone feels comfortable or enjoys the coping mechanism of meditation, and the #SelfCare app acknowledges that. They give you the option to pet a cat, or sort laundry, and throughout the app give you affirmations. I also like how it’s customizable, and you can adjust it to your preferences.




Suggestion by Hannah S. (MEDIAGIRLS college volunteer)

I love Youper, and here’s how Youper describes it: “A psychiatrist, a software engineer, and a designer created Youper to be the first-responder for emotional health issues for people all over the world and to ensure that no one has to wait years to address their issues.”



Suggestion by Rebecca H. (MEDIAGIRLS college volunteer)

I use f.lux on all of my devices! It dims the screen and eliminates the blue tint, keeps my eyes from getting tired (and stopped headaches) on the computer all day at work!


Bonus: 4 Feel-Good Tunes to on YouTube and Spotify Apps:


“Headphones” by Gacha Studio

Suggestion by: Annika W.

I watch this when I’m sad. It reminds me that I am loved and that I matter. It’s an upbeat catchy song with a good message. I like this video specifically because of A) the song, and B) the animations are pretty simple and most people could probably do them. Often, I recommend this song for other people to listen to when they are sad because I know it helps me and it might help them too.


“Thank You, Next” by Ariana Grande


Suggestion by: Sarah E.

Love that this video tells girls to not get hung up over a guy and focus on yourself. Make things happen for you and don’t wait for other people. The lyrics are so  catchy and fun to sing along with.


“Happier” By Ed Sheeran, and “Talking to the Moon” By Bruno Mars

Suggestion by: Lehna B.

These songs are sad but personally they help me feel better. If there are girls out there that have a similar personality as me, these songs will help you. Especially if you are feeling bad about yourself, just listen to these songs and I am pretty sure that it will help you.


“Believe in Me” (or any song) by Demi Lovato


Suggestion by: Nicole F.

Spotify is definitely one of the apps that I have used for a long time. It allows me to calm down and listen to music that I like. On Spotify, you can find many artists who are very empowering to girls. For instance, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato are a couple that put me in a better mood.