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Virtual workshops will be held 11/16/2021, 1/18/2022, 3/15/2022 and 5/17/2022.

Girls+ means that our programming is open to young people who identify as girls and young people who have ever felt like an outsider or an other because of their gender. Non-binary, trans, and genderqueer young people are welcome in MEDIAGIRLS programming!

Pre-teen and teen girls+ spend an average of 6+ hours a day on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok consuming content from various celebrities and influencers. They log on to feel more connected, but often log off feeling more anxious, insecure, and lonely. Our #REALMEDIAGIRL Curriculum is here to change this by teaching girls social media literacy. License and get certified to teach our #REALMEDIAGIRL Curriculum today or have us come to your school or organization!



A crash course in media criticality, our workshop helps participants:

  1. Recognize unrealistic beauty and body standards and center self-worth on non-physical characteristics
  2. Evaluate the social pressures that come with social media culture, and its effect on mental health
  3. Assess behavior and ability to self-regulate relationships with social media
  4. Learn how social media was designed by tech companies and how organizations use influencers as tools to sell products. 

We work with partners to provide programming that fits their schedule (often one 90-minute workshop or four 1-hour workshops) and can do both in-person and virtual workshops.


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