Frequently Asked Questions – Programming

Tell Me More About Your Programming?

 Our core workshop is our #REALMEDIAGIRL workshop. It is developmentally designed for girls+ in grades 6th-8th. We use the term girls+ in all of our programming, Girls+ means that our programming is open to young people who identify as girls and young people who have ever felt like an outsider or an other because of their gender. Non-binary, trans, and genderqueer young people are welcome in MEDIAGIRLS programming! There are 4 key modules to the curriculum that support our 4 intended outcomes. We call them our REAL outcomes. Girls+ who take our programming will be able to  ‘Recognize body and beauty standards that are reinforced by filtering and editing capabilities that perpetuate perfectionism, Evaluate the role and impact that influencers and algorithms on social media have on your beliefs and mental health, Apply personal boundaries around content, screen time, usage, and followers that align with improving mental health and wellness, and Learn to curate a social media feed that aligns with personal values.’ The program can be delivered as a 90-minute crash course or a 4-week session depending on what works for the school. Pricing varies depending on program delivery (virtual vs in-person) and length. There is the option to have a trained MG staffer teach the program to your girls or the option for a leader at your school to get certified and teach the program through our licensing program.

When do you run the program?

We typically operate on a semester basis, similar to the school year. We also offer programming through the summer. However, if licensing the program, you really have the ability to set the time frame of our 6-month or 12-month license.

Do you help with recruitment of girls?

We believe in partnerships where we can be of support in recruiting girls to the program, but ultimately it is up to the site partner. We can help with recruitment materials. We will not run a program if there are less than 10 girls.

What length workshops do you offer?

We offer 90-minute or 4 1-hour workshops (1 per week). We can be flexible with this depending on what works for your school or organization. 

Who teaches the workshops?

We can teach them OR we can train someone to teach them at your school or organization. If you have multiple teachers being trained, the school pays for one license but they all pay for trainings.

What does the training look like if someone at our school wanted to get certified?

They will do a training, typically held from 6:00-8:00pm the first Thursday of every month. They will then have access to our Google Classroom and support from MEDIAGIRLS staff!

What is your target age group?

Our target age group is grades 6-8. We have had girls+ a bit younger/older, and it has been ok! We would like to eventually develop programming materials for high schoolers that is more in-depth, but we think the most important and urgent age for social media literacy is right as / right before girls+ get social media accounts. 

Where would this program fit best at a school?

Our programming fits in best with a health class or after school program, but we are always open to working with you to figure out what will fit best for your school!