Michelle Cove
January 13, 2020

The MEDIAGIRLS Podcast is Live!

“Why does my daughter have six different Instagram accounts?”
“What do I tell my niece when she says she was asked to send a boy a ‘nude'”?
“I can’t tell if Lizzo’s music video is empowering or demeaning for girls. Which is it?”

These are just some of the questions that we’ve been asked by parents, educators, mentors, etc. That’s why we decided to create our podcast, each episode 20(ish) minutes addressing the latest trends, strategies, and tips to help girls navigate this complicated media world!

Cover Art by Karen Hildebrand

Episode 1: How to Talk to Teen Girls So They’ll Listen

Once girls hit their pre-teen and teen years, they often seek out more independence and begin forming their own opinions rather than blindly accepting that of their parents. While it’s entirely normal, it’s also far more challenging to have productive conversations (especially with all those eye rolls). In our first episode, MEDIAGIRLS staff members set up healthy ground rules for having positive discussions about media content with girls.


Episode 2: Today’s Music Videos: Empowering or demeaning?

We’re seeing more and more female artists release music videos with lyrics that are strong and empowering, but with visuals that are still hypersexualized. The mixed messages are downright confusing and even demoralizing. Today’s girls and young women are absorbing the message that they should be independent and confident, but they better look hot too. Find out how to talk to girls about this confusing mixed messaging.


Thank you to Pebbles and Leroy Irvin of Hot 96.9 for recording our episodes, Mary Agnes for editing, Daniella Padilla for coordinating and promos, and Karen Hildebrand for the cover art!