MEDIAGIRLS is launching a live #REALMEDIAGIRL Girl + Parent Workshop!

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#REALMEDIAGIRL (def.): a girl who understands the media she is consuming, uses social media to be her true self, speak up for what she believes in, and lift up other girls.

Our programming is geared toward middle-school girls, grades 6th-8th. We offer programming in several different formats depending on what works best for you!

What She’ll Learn:

  • The representation of the “perfect girl” in media that reinforces racial inequities
  • How social media specifically impacts girls’ well-being
  • New ways to think critically about media technology and its potential for good/bad
  • How to identify the made-up “girl rules” on social media that amp up insecurity and loneliness for girls
  • New ways girls are committing to making social media more uplifting and positive for themselves
  • How girls can band together to transform social-media culture into a healthier space for all of us

The Impact We’re Making:

  • 94% of our participants said that “Based on the workshop, they believe girls have the power to make social media more positive if they work together.”
  • 96% of our participants say that “Based on the workshop, they will change their own behavior to make social media more positive and empowering, and can site two specific ways they will do so.

Interested in taking a workshop with your girl? Sign up for one or all of our virtual programming pre-recorded sessions.


Interested in bringing our workshops to your school, girl-serving organization, camp, or club? We have the option for a 90-minute crash course or an eight-week long program. We will train you to teach the curriculum or you can have a certified MEDIAGIRLS trainer teach it for you!