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​The MEDIAGIRLS Leadership Council is open to Mentors who have completed their two-consecutive semester teaching requirement, and wish to gain additional leadership experience. These young women continue to teach in our classrooms, while also mentoring newer volunteers, and serving as MEDIAGIRLS ambassadors in the community.  We provide the Council with leadership skills that will serve them in the working world, while continuing to speak up for the rights of girls and women.

Fall 2018 MEDIAGIRLS Leadership Council

Bethany Boulanger

Number semesters taught MEDIAGIRLS: 4

Why I mentor with MEDIAGIRLS: I mentor with Media Girls because I’m passionate about education, and I think the message is so important. This type of guidance is something I wish I had growing up, and something I hope more and more girls are able to have as we move forward into the age of social media.

Laura Bustos Ortiz

Number semesters taught MEDIAGIRLS: 4

​​Why I mentor with MEDIAGIRLS: I am passionate about media literacy and I value working with young girls who may not realize yet the impact that the media may have on their self-worth and their self-image. I wish to empower girls in the Boston area to raise their voices and to fight against sexist and belittling messaging. Looking back, I wish I had someone to mentor me and to teach me how to be more self-aware and socially conscious, and as a result, I hope to be that for someone. ​

Morgan Webb

Number semesters taught MEDIAGIRLS: 3

Why I mentor with MEDIAGIRLS: Young girls continue to be bombarded with the glorification of sex appeal, popularization of surgery to enhance figures, the pressure to fit in regardless of their beliefs, silence, and so much more. Media Girls is a program that strives to instill in girls the confidence that society is trying so hard to take away. Being a mentor in this program is absolutely incredible and to have the privilege to pour into these girls and help them to gain confidence in themselves and their voice is so rewarding.

Hannah Schweitzer

Number semesters taught MEDIAGIRLS: 2

​​Why I mentor with MEDIAGIRLS: During middle school, I found the smallest activities extremely difficult because of the feeling that I wasn’t beautiful. I couldn’t pick out outfits to wear, find the courage to meet new people or go to school dances. My lack of confidence in myself held me back. My vision that I wasn’t pretty enough all stemmed from what I saw in magazines, music videos and movies. I want to make sure girls don’t feel the way I felt in middle school. I want them to see that beauty is on the inside and that they ARE good enough. I don’t want their view of themselves holding them back from happiness.

Morgan Westine

Number semesters taught MEDIAGIRLS: 2

Why I mentor with MEDIAGIRLS: I have personally seen how media can negatively impact the cultivation of self-confidence and self-love, especially in women.  I want to help the generation that will one day lead this world understand that they have the power to control how they use media and how they let it impact them.  I want to help teach these girls that the power and greatness in them can create a positive environment within media that empowers one another!