Making an Impact

Founded in 2014, MEDIAGIRLS (MG) is a non-profit that teaches middle-school girls & young women to become critical media consumers on social media. MG boosts the self-worth of girls and young women by teaching them to analyze and reject sexist media messaging, know their true self-worth, and harness the power of media for positive social change. In giving girls these tools, through our 90-minute #REALMEDIAGIRL Workshop, MG stands at the forefront of a girl-powered revolution to make over the media through challenging the status quo and creating empowering content for girls and young women everywhere. We focus on social media platforms, like Instagram and Tik Tok, because girls dominate this world in numbers, and can make immediate change.


*As #REALMEDIAGIRLS we believe in bringing your authentic self to work. We celebrate what makes us different and unique.
*As #REALMEDIAGIRLS we strive to push the envelope and make noise. We believe in speaking up and advocating for things you care about.
*As #REALMEDIAGIRLS we know that we are stronger together. We believe in finding ways to unite us rather than focusing on ways to drive us apart.
*As #REALMEDIAGIRLS we are questioners who don’t accept the status quo. We poke holes to understand and seek to find new solutions to tomorrow’s problems.
*As #REALMEDIAGIRLS we seek joy and laughter. We bring humor into our daily work and programs.
*As #REALMEDIAGIRLS we are optimistic and hopeful for the future. We believe things can get better if we work hard to solve problems.

*As #REALMEDIAGIRLS we strive to help create a world where all girls+ feel represented on social media. Our goal is for all girls+ to feel seen in our programming. 

Current Openings:

We do not have any current openings at the moment. Check back!