MEDIAGIRLS is a non-profit organization that boosts the self-worth of girls and young women by teaching them to critically analyze and reject sexist media messaging, know their true self worth, and harness the power of media for positive social change. In giving girls these tools, MEDIAGIRLS stands at the forefront of a girl-powered revolution to make over the media through challenging the status quo and creating empowering content for girls and young women everywhere.   

Partner Schools

  • Brimmer & May
  • Community Charter School of Cambridge
  • Prospect Hill Academy
  • Excel
  • Winter Hill Public School
  • E. Sommerville Community School
  • Orchard Gardens Public School
  • Brooke Charter (Roslindale)
  • Brooke Charter (8th Grade Academy)
  • St. John Paul II


Part 1, eight or ten weeks, is taught once a week for approximately 50-80 minutes by dynamic female college mentors from Boston we recruit and train. Topics include:

  • Lesson 1: Explore media messaging to girls, and challenge media’s impossible beauty standards
  • Lesson 2: Look deeper into beauty standards based on culture and race; define self-worth based on unique inner qualities
  • Lesson 3: Critique music videos based on stereotypical messaging aimed at girls
  • Lesson 4: Recognize how ads are created to feed insecurity and influence our attitudes
  • Lesson 5: Explore the unspoken “girl rules” of social media, and reimagine healthy and positive guidelines
  • Lesson 6: Create PSAs to encourage all girls to lift up one another with social media
  • Lesson 7: Write and post content about a woman who inspires them based on inner qualities
  • Lesson 8: Share “inspirational posts” from previous lesson, and reflect on MEDIAGIRLSl takeaways


In Part 2, eight weeks, graduates of Part 1 create, launch, and promote an eight-week #realmediagirl campaign using social media that aims to empower girls on a topic of their choice. Past topics include anti-bullying, being real on social media, and speaking up for one’s beliefs.

  • Work with classmates to come up with #REALMEDIAGIRL campaign topic that empowers girls/women
  • Plan a social media campaign, and create a short YouTube trailer to promote it
  • Come up with a PR plan to get the word out
  • Reflect on the emotional risks and rewards of being part of a movement
  • Share the campaign with members of the school and local community


Check out samples of the participants’ work