“A Poem Dedicated to Teen Boys”

by guest blogger Izzy Silver, grade 9


The mascara on my lashes, the curves of my breasts,
none of that is for you.
But of course you don’t care to know the rest
because you can belittle the way I look into a number out of ten on Instagram,
an emoji sent on snapchat.
And just because I’m a pretty woman–
Oh I am sorry, I’m not allowed to say that–
does not mean I can’t be smart enough to talk to you,
or make you laugh.
To you, I’m nothing more than a hot girl in a photograph.

I can’t hold you fully responsible for such.
Society hasn’t helped much
in showing the true identity of  girls.
Portraying princesses to movie stars as merely a token
who are never powerful enough to chase after their desires,
which makes us think it is okay that only men can propose to women.
We girls could never be as forward as to show effort and care towards a man.
We are to be chased, as if we are the celebrity, and they are the fans.

That’s why the other girls think they need you to tell them what they are.
Ironically enough, you guys are so far
from knowing what a girl really is.
And that’s why for a while I can never say I am his.
I can find my own answers, have my own recognition.
Sadly this does not fit the average description.

You think your ways only affect yourself
but you make us feel like a trophy on a shelf.
We see the models wearing no clothes in magazines.
They brainwash us about what our body really means.
No wonder we think we are less than you.
Society has told us the same things too.

I can only hope and pray
you don’t think I’m gay
because I don’t show off when you’re around
by creating more sound.
And God forbid I call you out when you’re wrong.
Apparently a girl can’t stick up to a guy
that would be way too strong.

I am beautiful
and you didn’t tell me so.
How do I know?
My parents got divorced.
My mom got cancer.
I got led out of my childhood home by force.
But I’m still here.
Don’t have any pity.
I’m quirky, passionate, joyful, and witty.
So now do you know why you’re not my answer?
I am Izzy Silver, I hope you are impressed
But you never wanted to know the rest.

Izzy Silver is a 9th grader who lives in New Jersey. She has been a dancer for the past seven years, loves English and History classes, and is “proud to be a feminist.”
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