9 Fierce Halloween Costume Ideas for girls from MEDIAGIRLS

Every year we ask our Youth Advisory Board to share with us a Halloween costume idea that is empowering and inspiring for girls. We’re so over the hyper-sexualized costumes for girls – “sexy cat,” “sexy nurse,” “sexy policewoman,” etc. Can we admit that dressing really young girls in these outfits is disturbing and that all girls should have more options, please?! That’s why our board of girls came up with the new ideas below, which your girls can grab some inspiration from.  

 Olivia: My costume idea is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. With the recent controversy over the newest Supreme Court justice, I feel it is super important to remind girls and women that there are fair, just people (women!) in power as well, who are fighting for fairness and truth. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the second female justice confirmed to this powerful court, reminding girls that they can accomplish great things and make positive change despite obstacles.

Nicole: My costume idea is inspired by Indigenous People’s Day. It includes finding out more about your family and where they came from, different cultures, and even finding out the history of your nationality. Now, you might be thinking that culture shouldn’t be shown through costumes, and I agree somewhat. We shouldn’t be making fun of nationalities and making people feel bad about them. Instead, we should respect the nationality and their culture. To do this, while making the costume, we should reflect on the nationalities’ successes and sufferings. This may lead to some extra research and that’s awesome! Now, to make sure the costume you make isn’t sexualized, you should make sure that you feel comfortable in it and feel like people are gonna respect the costume for what it is, instead of respecting it for how your body looks. This costume could definitely prove to be a learning opportunity for girls and many others. Also, this costume will make you even more accustomed to what your family’s culture is and even might lead you to love it and embrace it.

Lehna: I think a good costume for women or girls to wear would possibly be some sort of outfit that supports women who were sexually assaulted. This costume is sort of inspired by the Brett Kavanaugh situation. No woman or child should ever have to go through that. So probably wear a white shirt, white pants, and black shoes. On the front side, put pieces of paper that have some quotes of what women have said while they were being assaulted. On the back side, put some quotes that tell people that is not ok.

Claire: My costume is for Joan Jett. She is such an inspiration for young musicians, especially female ones. Joan Jett made a name for herself in rock n’ roll when it was dominated by men. You need a black wig, a pair of jeans, a leather jacket, and a rock T-shirt (preferably the Runaways). It’s also fun, because a movie is coming out about her soon, “Bad Reputation.”

Sheila: I made this girl-power costume myself: a girl wearing a loose tank top and a tighter tank top under that. Also, she would wear pants that look like military pants, with military boots and gloves without the tips. I chose the tank top, military pants, the boots and the gloves because the tank top is a clothing that girls wear, the military pants because it shows the power that girls have and that they can be strong as the people in the military. I chose the boots because they look good and the military also uses it. I put gloves in my design because it just shows that all girls are strong. This is my design and I really like it, hopefully, you do too.

Amari: I think a really great costume idea would be Ariana Grande. I think this because she’s such an empowering, strong, and inspiring woman. She’s an activist and feminist and is very mature in handling misogynists, sexists, and haters. Although she’s made mistakes (like the doughnut incident in 2015), she has apologized for them and proven herself to have matured and learned from her mistakes, and after all, she is only human, and no human is perfect. Furthermore, she handled the Manchester situation so well and did so many amazing things to help families of the victims of the attack. She also was so sweet about Mac’s death, and even took in his dog. She has gone through so much yet remained so strong and I think that makes her amazing and powerful and so inspiring.

Sarah: Wonder Woman is an amazing, super cool girl! She grew up, raised by her mom and all these awesome women on a hidden island. When she gets to the real world she doesn’t understand gender roles in society. She doesn’t need help from a man, she can do it all on her own. She is very independent and ends up saving the day. Wonder Woman is by far my favorite movie character! I hope girls can understand that they don’t need to act and look a certain way to please others. They can be strong and independent just like her!

Norelia: I think a perfect costume idea is a casual business woman. The reason being that a lot of females aren’t leaders of big-time companies or just CEO’s in general. There are rarely any women who get to be in the business field because of their gender. Crazy right? Instead of being something/someone “sexy,” why don’t you put on the attire you deserve and trick or treat in a casual business shirt and trousers! Be the woman on top, and show them who’s boss.

Annika: My costume is Thorn, based on my friend’s awesome alter ego. Thorn is the definition of edgy. With her blue black (gradient) hair and medieval goth clothes, she shows the world that girls can be just as kick-butt as anyone else. Thorn may look, and BE scary, but, she is a great person, and an amazing friend. She doesn’t take nothing from nobody, but that doesn’t mean she is hostile. Thorn is a role model of mine; she showed me how to say “no” and stand up for myself. Thorn, if you’re reading this, you still scare me, but you continue to inspire and empower me to be myself, stand up for myself, and not to take nothing from nobody. Thorn empowers not only me, but girls, boys, and everybody in between. Thank you, Thorn.

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