5 Reasons Why Donating to MEDIAGIRLS is the Gift that Keeps On Giving!

We are excited to announce that from Nov. 28th to Dec. 31st, we have a matching donor who will double any gift you make! We aim to raise $30,000 to provide our workshops to thousands of more girls next year, and we hope you’ll be inspired to help us get there. Donate here to invest in girls!


  1. MEDIAGIRLS teaches girls to think critically about media messages they consume. For instance our girls give a big “X” to the “Wardrobe Wars” column in J-14, in which editors judge which young woman looks “better” in the same outfit. “Girls and women should be supporting each other,” said one of our participants, Mia. “It’s awful that editors pit them against each other!”


2. MEDIAGIRLS learn how to define their self-worth on their favorite inner qualities about themselves. Even though media would have girls believe a small clothing size and sex appeal matter most, our girls know that qualities like being “creative,” “kind” and “smart” are far more valuable.


3. MEDIAGIRLS discuss candidly how girls use social media, and how it could be more empowering. This group of participants, for example, said: “We should be lifting each other up on Instagram with encouraging comments, and worrying less about whether we get the right amount of ‘likes’ quick enough.”


4. MEDIAGIRLS practice using social media platforms, like Instagram, in ways that empower girls and young women. We love this post created by a participant, Ellie, that states: “Together we are strong. Together we can change the world!”


5. MEDIAGIRLS provides girls with a nurturing space where they can be their authentic selves, and celebrate themselves! This is all the more vital as depression and anxiety among girls continue to climb (more than 36% of girls in America have been or are depressed by the time they reach 17, according to RAND). They need our support!


Thank you in advance for donating to MEDIAGIRLS, allowing us to bring our programming to thousands more girls in 2019, and help flip media culture for all of us! Girls don’t need a makeover; the media does! Your gift will be doubled until Dec. 31st.

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