Teaching girls how to know their self-worth, and make social media a more inspiring and positive space


#REALMEDIAGIRL (def.): a girl who uses social media to be her true self, speak up for what she believes in, and lift up other girls

According to a recent study, “Social media is creating a mental-health crisis for our girls” (Royal Society Public Health, 2018). Girls log on to feel more connected with their peers; they typically log off feeling lonelier and more insecure about their bodies and their lives in general. In our 90-minute #REALMEDIAGIRL workshop, taught to thousands of girls, we teach participants to think critically about how they use social media and provide concrete ways to change their behavior. The impact: 95% of our participants site specific ways they will change their social media behavior to be more positive and empowering for all girls. It’s time for girls to flip the media!

What she’ll learn…

How social media specifically impacts girls’ well-being based on current trends and research

New ways to think critically about technology and its potential for good/bad

How to identify the made-up “girl rules” that amp up insecurity and loneliness for girls

New ways girls are committing to making social media more uplifting and positive for themselves

How girls can band together to transform social-media culture into a healthier space for all of us



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