Teaching girls how to know their self-worth, and make social media a more fun and positive space


#realmediagirl (def.): a girl who uses social media to be her true self, speak up for what she believes in, and lift up other girls

In our #realmediagirl Workshop, girls have the opportunity to participate in MEDIAGIRLS (www.mediagirls.org) activities and discussions that directly correspond to what hundreds of girls experience in our after-school programming throughout Boston. A team of bright, engaging college volunteers teach this workshop, exploring media’s story of the “perfect girl”; engaging in activities around self-worth; and deconstructing media messages that undermine girls. Participants challenge harmful and unspoken “girl rules” that currently plague social media, and create new guidelines for making social media more fun and supportive for girls. Suggested age for participants: Middle-school girls familiar with social-media apps such as Instagram and/or Snapchat.​​

What she’ll learn…

3-hour workshop sample [60- and 90-minute workshops available]:


*All proceeds from workshop go towards bringing our programming to more girls in undeserved communities

9:00 – 9:30 AM: Light breakfast

9:30 to 9:45 AM: Executive Director Michelle Cove introduces the program for parents and participants, and then parents depart.

9:45 AM to 11:00 AM: Brainstorming and group activities that include:

The pros, cons, and fears of past revolutionary tech inventions (including today’s social media platforms)

The unspoken “girl rules” of social media

Who is the “perfect girl” according to mainstream media, and how does social media add to this story?

How can we use social media in ways that feel better for girls and create social good?

What is a #realmediagirl, and how are hundreds of girls shaping the social-media world?

11:00 AM to 11:10 AM: Snack break & mingle

11:10 AM to 11:30 AM: Be a #realmediagirl on Instagram, Snapchat and other apps

Participants create a group social-media post aimed at inspiring and empowering other girls and young women.

Come up with a social-media game plan to stay part of the revolution!

11:30 AM to noon: Parents welcome back to see what we did in the workshop, and hear how they can stay involved in our village.



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