Michelle Cove
August 23, 2018

Our MEDIAGIRLS Social-Media Contract for Girls

The contract below is based on the most common challenges girls and parents have shared with us when it comes to setting limits around social media. It is meant as a starting place, and should be revised to fit your own family’s concerns and values. The best time to create the contract is before girls get their first social media account, but it’s never too late. After everyone signs the contract, make sure it is kept in a safe place that’s easy to find. Don’t forget to follow up on those guidelines and dole out praise when your daughter uses social media responsibly; it’s a learned skill!


  • I will not send threatening or mean texts, or post harmful social media to others.
  • I will not use social media after 9:30 p.m. [or other time here], and will keep the phone at a charging station that is not in my bedroom.
  • I will give my social media log-in information to my parent(s), and understand he/she can review at random times without permission.
  • Any social media account I use will be set to “private.”
  • I understand my time on social media is limited to X minutes per day. [We recommend 120 or minutes or less, based on research.]
  • I will not bring my phone to family meals or events.
  • I promise to alert my parents if I receive suspicious text messages or social-media posts from strangers or people I don’t know.
  • I will not send any pictures of myself partially or fully naked to anyone, and I understand there is no guarantee of privacy when it comes to nudes. [We recommend girls have a response in mind if and when they are asked to send these pictures.]
  • I will be a #realmediagirl on a regular basis, using my social media to be authentic, speak up for what I believe in, and lift up other girls.
  • I understand that having social media is a privilege and not a right. If I fail to honor this contract, my phone will be taken away for one month.  [Amount of time may depend on severity of situation.]

Signed ______________________________ (Girl)

Signed ______________________________ (Parents)

Date ______________________________


Before having the conversation with your girl(s) about social-media contracts, read 5 Tips on Negotiating a Social-Media Contract with Your Girl and Teaching Girls to Say NO to Nudes.

Plus 5 apps for monitoring and limiting time on your daughter’s social media:


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